Interview with Serge Droz, International Security Expert on cyber conflict and its resolution. This was part of the CAS Digital Masterclass. Interview conducted by Jonas Krensler.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Serge after his lecture on Cyberwar, at HWZ in Zurich. We discussed the current challenges in Cyberspace. A scary deep dive into the world of cyber-conflict. But also a glimpse of hope on how international cooperation is making us safer.

The interview is divided in two parts.

Part 1:

  • Cyberwar does not exist – the case for “Cyber-Conflict
  • Espionage and Sabotage in cyberspace – legal or illegal?

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Part 2:

  • The role of China & Huawei beyond the US Administration’s point of view
  • How can we protect ourselves? Meet the FIRST international organisation
  • Building trust globally to make us safer

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My key take-aways:

  • Super-Powers in Cyberspace: USA, UK, Israel & China, Russia with “offensive cyber capabilities”. All other nations, including Switzerland have “defensive cyber capabilities” in varying degrees.
  • International law allows espionage in cyberspace. The legal framework in cyber space is vague and allows interpretations. But many state players (Super-Powers) don’t seem to be keen on getting these vague areas clarified or codified into law.
  • With critical infrastructure like 5G, operators should think twice on which system provider to choose and rely on. Update, 20.7.20: UK bans Huawei from its 5G network
  • International organisations like FIRST, help to build trust and push for quick problem resolution, across countries and organisation in cyberspace.

I would like to thank Serge for taking the time after a long day of lecture for this interview.