Millenials in the Workforce & how they can help
Julian Caspari, July 24th 2015, 9pm-12pm


Julian started the workshop with some exercices in order to wake up the group. First excercise: We had to choose two people in mind without telling who we were choosing. Then each of us had to find the equal physical distance to them. This was an interesting experience to find out details about our network. Second exercise: Each of us had to introduce himself and how he felt this morning. Some had done already sports, most had some headache…

Then he presented us his study about “Millenials at their workplace”, which contained many aspects of  modern workplaces. For example:



After that session the three groups got the chance to create innovative ideas relating actuel issues in their companies as follows:



The workshop was very interesting with many take aways for everybody:

IMG_3725 IMG_3723 IMG_3722

Finally we have come to an end of our study tour. Many thanks to Julia from Swissnex, who organized the whole week  in an AWESOME manner !!


Many thanks as well to our CHIEF DOG !!  He brought in the digital spirit, which we all appreciated.